Relic Radio Thrillers Log 2008

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2008 episode log for Relic Radio Thrillers.


No. Featured Series Featured Episode Release Date
01 Suspense Three O'Clock
02 Murder At Midnight Trigger Man
03 Escape Two If By Sea
04 The Whistler Shadow Of A Mind
05 The Man Called X Half Penny Stamp
06 Inner Sanctum Song Of The Slasher
07 Escape Present Tense
08 I Love Adventure Hearse On The Highway
09 Counterspy The Tattooed Eye
10 The Haunting Hour Ptolemys Grave
11 Suspense Curse Of Kamoshek
12 Quiet, Please Whence Came You?
13 CBS Radio Mystery Theater The Pharaohs Curse
14 The Chase Terminate Professor Kolcheck
15 Inner Sanctum Terror By Night
16 The Mysterious Traveler S.O.S.
17 The Shadow The Tomb Of Terror
18 Escape The Follower
19 The Zero Hour Welcome Home Danny Shackelford
20 Suspense Strange Death Of Charles Umberstein
21 Lux Radio Theater The Woman In The Window
22 The Whistler Shakedown
23 Inner Sanctum Detour To Terror
24 Suspense The Crowd
25 The Man Called X Five Ounces Of Treason
26 Escape The Shanghai Document
27 CBS Radio Mystery Theater The Lodger
28 Mystery Playhouse Lady In The Morgue
29 The Chase The Monster
30 Escape A Passenger To Bali
31 The Haunting Hour The Unidentified Body
32 CBS Radio Mystery Theater Horror Of Dead Lake
33 The Chase Manhunt
34 The Mysterious Traveler The Man Who Tried To Save Lincoln
35 The Clock Aunt Emmy 11/22/08
36 Escape The Boiling Sea 11/28/08
37 Inner Sanctum Catch A Killer 12/05/08
38 Suspense The Rescue 12/12/08
39 Cloak And Dagger The Trap 12/19/08
40 The Haunting Hour Murder Wears A Strange Mask 12/26/08

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