Hermit's Cave, The

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The Hermit's Cave
Genre Horror
Running time 30 minutes
Country United States
Languages English
Home station WJR Detroit, KMPC Los Angeles
Exec. producers William Conrad (West Coast)
Air dates 1935 (?) to 1940's (?)
No. of episodes ?

The Hermit's Cave

"Ghost stories. Weird stories. And murders too! The Hermit knows of them all. Turn out your lights. Turn them out! Ahhhh." And with that line so began another adventure as told by the cackling hermit. The Hermit's Cave originated on station WJR in Detroit, Michigan in 1935 (according to one source) and was recorded for syndication. Actors to play the Hermit during its Detroit stay included John Kent, Charles Penman, Toby Grimmer, and Klock Ryder.

The series moved production to station KMPC in Los Angeles in 1940. Produced by William Conrad, the Hermit would be played for the first two years by Mel Johnson, with John Dehner taking the role in 1942.

Episode Log

The following log lists known episodes, most still available, but is by no means complete.

Episode Title
From Another World
The Possessed
Hanson's Ghost
Devil Dog
Plantation Mystery
Haunted Theater
Without End
The Author Of Murder
The Black Band
Blackness Of Terror
Buried Alive
The Gypsy's Curse
House Of Murder
House Of Purple Shadows
The House On Lost Man's Bluff
The House With A Past
It Happened Sunday
The Mystery Of The Strange Thing
The Nameless
Notebook On Murder
The Professor's Elixir
Reflected Image Of The Desert
The Search For Life
Spirit Vengeance
The Spirits Of Vengeance
The Story Without End
The Vampire's Desire