The Laurel and Hardy Show

The Laurel and Hardy Show was a 1944 pilot project developed by the comedy team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and NBC to create a radio comedy series, showcasing the routines and talents of the duo. The show never took off past the pilot phase, which is all that remains of the project.

From all indications, the show was to be sustaining without a sponsor, as commercial spots in the pilot recording are for rationing during wartime.

The Laurel and Hardy Show
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Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
Genre Comedy
Running time 30 minutes
Country United States
Languages English
Home station NBC
Starring Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Air dates March 6, 1944 to March 6, 1944
No. of episodes 1 (pilot)
Audio format MP3


Stan and Ollie are employees of Mr Slater, who owns a local poultry market. Mr Slater is constantly annoyed by the boys, as they have been constantly delivering chickens to customers without receiving payment. Mr Slater gives them just one more chance to make good for their job, or else they will be fired. Stan and Ollie set out to deliver the chickens to a customer, forgetting the address along the way.

The scene changes to a group of killers and gangsters, hiding out in a house and waiting for the contract killers they hired to arrive and receive a briefing on their next job. Instead of cold-blooded killers arriving at the door, Stan and Ollie show up, believing that they are in the right house for their poultry order. They begin to describe what they do on their job without letting on that they are not who the gangsters think they are, they are interrupted by a police raid and carted off to the local jail.

The final scene takes place in the jail and police station, where Stan and Ollie have been incarcerated. After they try to order a steak dinner from their jail cell, they are brought to the detectives office to be grilled on what they know. Minutes later, the police officers are the ones sweating under the strain, and Stan and Ollie have only begun to warm up, talking about the weather and singing a quick chorus of "Mairsy Doats". A police officer arrives with the news that the real killers have been apprehended, and Stan and Ollie are free to leave (much to the relief of the police). The show ends with the boys standing in front of a plumbing shop, the insinuation being made that they lost their job at the poultry market, and the invitation to join them next week.

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Pilot: Aired March 6, 1944


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