Witch's Tale

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The Witch's Tale
Genre Horror
Running time 30 minutes
Country United States
Home station Mutual, WOR
Starring Adelaide Fitz-Allen
Miriam Wolfe
Martha Wentworth
Mark Smith
Allan Devitte
Creators Alonzo Dean Cole
Writers Alonzo Dean Cole
Air dates May 28, 1931 to June 13, 1938
No. of episodes 333

The Witch's Tale was the creation of Alonzo Dean Cole, who would also write and direct the series, and first took to the air in 1931. The series aired on WOR radio in New York, Mutual stations, and in syndication. The tales continued for seven years, with the series ending in 1938.

Each show opened with a cackling Old Nancy, along with her cat Satan (voiced by Cole). Old Nancy was played by three actresses over the shows run, beginning with Adelaide Fitz-Allen. After Fitz-Allen's death in 1935, the part went to a 13-year-old Miriam Wolfe, with Martha Wentworth filling the role on occasion.

Though the shows were recorded for syndication, few episodes survive today. In 1961 Cole destroyed his recordings, presumably following in the footsteps of most radio stations prior to that. One series log shows 333 episodes created for the series, while only 24 survive.